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The village is located in the north-east part of the Mátra-mountain, the east part of the Heves-Borsodi-hill and the north part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. The village's field has marg, grit and in some valleys there are sand and clay. The elevation is 200-530 meters. 


From the north-south-way valley issue erosion valleys, so the sheer hills give a high relief to the landscape. 


Two constant brooks collect the rain -called Hódos and Szentgyörgy brook- and there are the Csahó and Szohony brooks.


The average temperature of the year is 8,5°C. The minimum temperature in January is sometimes under -20°C. The average sunshine hours are 1850 per year. The average fall is 630-650 mm.


The typical field types are the brown forest-field, the meadow and the wetland. The area is the part of the Hungarian flora area (Pannonicum) in the North-Middle Mountain. 


Unfortunately, the forest is getting smaller and smaller because of the tree-cutting. 


The typical trees in the forest: oak, hornbeam and beech. The area is the part of the Eumatricum fauna, which means that the species are mixed: lovers of hot and cold. There are many kinds of and special invertebrate animals. People are still searching it. The area also has amphibians. 


There is newt, brown toad, forest frog and gradient. 70 protected and 6 increased protected bird species are in the village: buzzard, hawk and woodpecker.

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