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Twin towns of Arló

The Municipality of Arló has twin towns agreements with three Hungarian towns and villages over the borders.

Nyustya (Hnúšťa)


This town is located in the Slovakian Republic and has about 10.000 inhabitants. It was a Hungarian settlement before Trianon.


Only 10% of the population can speak in Hungarian. The contect has begun in connection with the Sajó-Rima European Region which means an organisation contains about 300 Slovakian and Hungarian settlements.


The relationship has started in 2000.

Korond (Corund)


This village is located in Hargita shire. It contains 4 smaller parts: Atyha, Kalonda, Fenyőkút and Pálpataka.


Most of the people can speak the Hungarian language who live there. 


This place is so popular about the pottery. The village is the most developed and richest on that area.


The settlement is rich in loam which is the basic thing for the pottery. The relationship has started in 2001.

Beretke (Bretka)


The newest relation has started on 28, January of 2005 because of the population of this village still can speak in Hungarian.


Only some hundred people live in this Slovakian village, though it has a Hungarian school with 22 students. 


The people are catholic and reformed. The settlement has a cold water-plage. 

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